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Medical facilities

In response to the queries regarding medical facilities available to UG & PG students, BSW hereby provides you all the information about the institute health policies and medical insurance that you can avail

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It shall be responsibility of BSW to work towards the welfare and well-being of the student community in the campus. It shall do so by organizing welfare activities from time to time and look in to other aspects of student welfare.

The constituent bodies of BSW shall be the permanent committees. The permanent committees and there objectives are:

The committee shall look after all aspects of financial aid, recoverable and non-recoverable out of B.S.W. funds and its payment and recovery. It shall also implement the guidelines for the same.
It shall assist the deserving and bona fide student in securing summer/winter jobs during vacations as well as part-time jobs (which may be from outside IIT) during the academic sessions. It shall also look into the aspect of loans, scholarships and grants provided by BSW to the needy students.
The committee shall normally invite applications for financial assistance at the beginning of each semester for the bona fide students and the applications shall be entertained by the President of committee on emergency basis at any time during the year. This will be considered by the committee in its emergency conveyed by the President.

The committee shall handle all aspects of the Board related to welfare activities, publicity and grievance-redressal. The committee may be contacted in event of any complaints or problems faced by any student.
The committee shall assess and evaluate new schemes which may be introduced for the benefit of students’ community. These schemes may be operated as a permanent activity of the committee. Organization of activities like charity shows, donation drives, etc. may be undertaken for making additional funds available for student welfare. The committee shall coordinate with the counselling unit, and render its services as and when desired for the benefit of the student community.
In the beginning of the session, the committee shall bring out the calendar of activities of the board along with the list of Presidents of permanent committees and the office bearer for the benefit of student community. At the end of the session, in consultation with the President, B.S.W., and the general secretary, B.S.W., the committee will bring out an annual report of all activities of the board.

The Student Mentorship Program is monitored and steered by Mentorship Committee (MRC). This committee, unlike the other committees, focuses primarily on freshers. With the help of mentors, this committee tries to ensure that experiences of freshers in IIT-D are free from unnecessary pressures and undue influences.