The permanent committees and their objectives are:

Mentorship Committee

This committee, unlike the other committees, focuses primarily on freshers. With the help of mentors, this committee tries to ensure that experiences of freshers in IIT-D are free from unnecessary pressures and undue influences.

Finance Committee

The committee shall look after all aspects of financial aid, recoverable and non-recoverable out of B.S.W. funds and its payment and recovery. It shall also implement the guidelines for the same.

Public Relations Committee

The committee shall handle all aspects of the Board related to welfare activities, publicity and grievance-redressal. The committee may be contacted in event of any complaints or problems faced by any student.

Our Secretaries

Our team have 26 representatives and 4 secretaries. We work for you.

Divyam Gupta

General Secretary

Ankit Soni

Public Relation Secretary

Sophiya Khan

Financial Secretary

Ravi Choudhary

SMP Secretary