Student Counselling Services

What is counselling

It is a process wherein the aim is to help clients, mainly outside medical setting. The counsellor's repertoire of skills includes those of forming an understanding relationship as well as interventions focused on helping clients change specific aspects of their feeling thinking and acting for effective living and personal responsibility. Counselling provides a safe place, separate from your daily life, where you can explore issues or feelings which are causing you difficulty. The counsellor will aim to relate to you in a supportive and purposeful manner and assist you in the task of finding your own way forward.

What does counselling offer?

Counselling offers a confidential space in which you can talk to a counsellor about your concerns. Counselling offers you understanding, a feeling of being listened to, valued and accepted in a non-judgmental way. There is no pressure on you and the counsellors are not here to tell you what to do. Instead, as counsellors they aim to help you find your own answers. Whatever your background and whatever your problem they are here to offer you space and support in a frank environment to work through your difficulties, as well as help you to think more clearly and develop the skills to cope.

What sort of people go for counselling?

All sorts of people go for counselling and this does not mean that they are mad or weak. On the contrary, people who do come for counselling are showing a willingness to deal with their problems rather than running away from them.
Sometimes it can be hard to cope with all of the changes that happen during your teenage years. If you are having trouble dealing with certain situations or emotions, you might find counselling to be a helpful way of sorting things out.

Some areas of counselling are:

Nurturing and Healing
Problem management
Decision Making
Crisis management
Support and life skills training


The centre makes appropriate referrals when professional assistance can no longer be fruitful.
Protects the confidentiality and releases personal data only according to prescribed laws or institute polices. The information shared and records maintained are kept safe and confidential, unless such disclosure is necessary to protect you or another person.


The centre provides the services listed below free of charges.
1) Individual Counselling
2) Group Counselling
3) Co-counselling - means each partner provides the other with listening time and space empathy
4) Support networks.
5) Peer self-help groups.
6) Referrals
7) Group therapy
8) Relationship Counselling
9) Problem solving Sessions and life skill training.
10) Personality testing and development. (Test for self-assessment followed by self-help techniques.
11) Consultation with full time counsellor for your problems.
12) Workshops and interactive sessions for all hostels.
13) Institute level workshops for students
14) Self-help resources.
15) Speech therapy and communication skills.
16) Anxiety, Depression, Stress management and Time management.
17) Outreach Service
18) A view into your trouble areas.
19) Depression, Stress and Anxiety, Drug abuse
20) Depression
21) Psychological
22) Physical
23) Anxiety and Stress
24) Substances Abuse:- Tobacco- Cigarettes, Pan masala Gutka, Alcohol, Opiates Heroin, Smack, Ganja, Cocaine, Marijuana, Amphetamines, inhaled drugs.
25) Hallucinogens LSD- ecstasy, Anabolic Steroids
26) Time Management
27) Overcoming the Homesick feeling: Adjusting to a new environment and moving away from home could raise concerns like homesickness, living with roommates, peer pressure, social acceptance, dealing with parents or even shaping your career. These issues at times cause stress and anxiety, ranging from mild to an uncomfortable feeling, you may definitely need help to reach a manageable level to empower yourself, to have control in testing situations. Come to the centre. Of course it is natural to miss the previous living style and home, but now you have to face the change and challenge for your growth and future

A Message for Staff

Staff members have a direct link to observe students and their behaviour. Many students do turn to their professors for support and help in conflicting or disturbing times. The staff member cannot provide professional counselling despite handling the psychological emergency. They can help the distressed students by guiding them to the centre to get help. Before the referral the student can be made aware of the centre as a place offering assistance so that the student gets over the inhibition of going to the Counselling Centre. Counselling is effective when the recipient is willing and agrees to seek help.

The Counsellor

Dr. Shachi Mathur
Full time Counsellor. Ph.D Clinical Psychology. The counsellors available are: Ms Aakriti Verma and Ms. Aishita Mahendru
They are available every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 at the IIT Hospital.


AD- 238 Admin Block
IIT D Haus Khas New Delhi-110016


9 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday
Round the clock emergency services are available.


Just walk in and take appointment at the centre. The student is required to fill up a personal counselling record sheet and leave his contact number on it at the centre before leaving.

If you are unable or unwilling to go to the SCS, you may post your questions here (Click Here). You may also question anonymously, either way your name will not be given out. The counsellor may choose the questions which she feels apt to answer.



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