Equivalent Courses

First year Courses

New Course No Old Equivalent Course(s)
APL100 AML100, AML110
CML100 CYL100, CYL110, CYL120
COL100 CSL100, CSL101, CSL102
ELL100 EEL100, EEL101
MCP100 MEP100, MEL110
MTL100 MAL100, MAL110, MAL120
MTL101 MAL101, MAL111
PYL100 PHL100, PHL110, PHL120

Second Year Courses

New Course No Old Equivalent Course(s)
APL102 AML120
APL103 AML130
APL104 AML140, AML150
APL105 AML150
APL106 AML160, AML150
APL107 AML170
APL108 AML180
BBL131 BEL101
BBL132 BEL103
BBL133 BEL102, CHL203 (Only Energy Balance)
BBL231 BEL204
CLL110 CHL110
CLL111 CHL111
CLL113 Probably a New Course
CLL121 CHL121
CLL122 CHL122
CLL231 CHL231
CLL251 CHL251
CML103 Probably a New Course
COL106 CSL201
COL111 CSL105, MAL180
COL115 EEL201, CSL316, EEL324
COL216 CSL211
COL226 CSL302
CVL100 CEL140, CEL212
CVL111 CEL271
CVL121 CEL222
CVL141 CEL771
CVL222 CEL222
CVL242 CEL231
CVL261 CEL241
CVL281 CEL251
ELL103 EEL203
ELL105 EEL205
ELL111 EEL218
ELL112 EEL202
ELL201 EEL201
ELL212 EEL207
ELL225 EEL301
ELL231 EEL209
MCL111 MEL211
MCL131 Probably a New Course
MCL132 MEL234
MCL133 Probably a New Course
MCL140 MEL140
MCL141 Probably a New Course
MCL201 MEP201
MCL211 Probably a New Course
MCL241 MEL241
MTL103 MAL210
MTL104 MAL124, MAL255
MTL106 MAL250, MAL140, MAL220
MTL108 Probably a New Course
MTL122 MAL122
MTL180 MAL180, CSL105
PYL102 PHL120
PYL111 EPL208
PYL112 PHL555
PYL113 EPL103
PYL114 EPL206
PYL115 EPL105
PYL116 Probably a New Course
SBL100 SBL101
TXL110 TTL211
TXL121 TTL221
TXL130 CYL230
TXL131 TTL231
TXL141 TTL241



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