Q. When can I contact the BSW representatives/ secretaries?

You can contact any rep or secy at any time regarding any problem through the contact details given in the Contact Us page.

Q. Can I be a part of BSW in any form?

Yes. BSW exists solely for student welfare and if you have any idea/suggestion for it, you are welcome to join the family and work for it.

Q. Are there any benefits which the BSW provides me?

Besides all the loans, grants and scholarships given through the caution money, BSW has brought about many deals and discounts at SDA market, Greenpark, Priya etc. for IITD students which can be gotten by displaying your ID card.

Q. What are the swimming facilities in and around the campus?

IIT Delhi has Olympic Size swimming pool. Other swimming pools near our campus are:
a. JNU swimming pool
b. DDA Munirka
c. DDA Saket

Q. What are the timings of BSW bus services?

Mon-Fri 7:50am, 8:00am, 8:05 am ; 8:50am, 9:00am, 9:05 am

Q. What is DISCO ?

DISCO- Everyone is curious to know what happens in it, yet, nobody wants to be in one. It is the Disciplinary Committee, which is called upon only when you have messed up things real bad(and got caught).

Q. What is proctoral team?

A group of professors who can turn up in your hostel rooms any time for any sort of inspection should they have any suspicions on you.

Q. What are the timings of library and Ex-Hall?

Ex-hall is open 24X7. Library will be open 24x7 w.e.f January 1, 2015.

Q. Can we move in/out of the campus any time?

Yes. You live in a free country and a free campus. You are free to move in and out whenever you wish to. But from 1am- 6am, entry/exit is only through Main Gate.

Q. Are girls allowed in boys hostel? and vice-versa?

No. IIT Delhi is one of the strictest institutes in India when it comes to this. No girl can enter beyond the visitor's room in a boy's hostel and vice-versa. Only on one day(the house day) can a girl have complete access in some boys hostel. For entering the girls' hostels, its either the house day(Complete access) or the informals(limited access) held annually.

Q. When can we apply for department change?

a. At the end of 1st year, after the end-sem exams, the forms are released in the internal web. You will be notified about it.
b. Also at the end of third year you can change from btech to dual degree course in same branch.

Q. Canteens/restaurants in/near the campus?

a. In campus -
Insti Area- Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Lipton, Amul, Nescafe, Canteen and Staff canteen(in Synergy Building)
Boys Hostel Area - Lipton, Tea Halt (in hostels), night canteen, Coca Cola stand in SAC area, Mother Diary outlets (in Kumaon and near Nilgiri Hostel), Southy outlet and Canteen
Girls Hostel Area - Night canteens, Mother Dairy (near Girls Hostel gate)
b. Outside -
SDA complex (opposite main gate)
Sassi da dhaba (outside hostel gate)
Green Park Market (1.5kms from main gate)
Hauz Khas Village (2kms from main gate).
Essex (outside Girls Hostel gate)
South indian restaurants - Southy (opposite Aravali Hostel), Govardhan (500m from Girls Hostel gate, along aurobindo marg), Naivaidyam (Hauz Khas Village)

Q. Which is the metro station nearest to IIT?

As of now, Hauz Khas metro station is the metro station nearest to IIT Delhi. But hopefully within a couple of years, a metro station will prop-up near IITD Hostel gate (Part of Phase-3 Delhi Metro Project- 2013 deadline- hopefully it will not be extended by more than a year).

Q. How to reach IIT campus?

For all those who cannot reach google maps:
From New Delhi Railway station- Metro to Hauz Khas then auto. OR Pre-paid taxi from railway station(beware of thugs) OR bus route- 781 - 507

Q. What is proxy limit and what happens once it is squished?

For all queries related to internet, proxy, softwares available for students' usage, Wifi settings, refer http://www.cc.iitd.ac.in/CSC/ . Nothing substitutes original.

Q. How can I be allowed to stay in hostel during vacations?

Students are not allowed to stay in hostel during vacations unless they have beforehand informed the warden/care-taker about their stay. They will be permitted only in case they are doing a course/ project/internship within the binding of the institute.

Q. What is I grade?

If you are unable to complete the entire requirement for a course due to extraordinary circumstances (e.g. absence from major test or final evaluation of project), you may request for I grade provided you satisfy attendance requirements. Apply to the Head of the Department.

Q. Am I allowed to bring my bike/car to campus?

No. No student residing within the campus is allowed to use a motorised vehicle(Not even a moped) within the campus. It would result in the immediate cancellation of the hostel seat, strict disciplinary action and a fine of Rs. 5000(for 2-wheelers) and Rs.10000(for 4-wheelers). Too much for a vehicle. Go Green. Go cycling.

Q. What Medical facilities are available near the campus?

Hospital in campus open 24hrs. If facilities are insufficient here, you are referred to AIIMS/Safdargunj. Ambulance is available on campus anytime. Just contact the nearest security guard and he will make sure the ambulance is right there within no time. Also, there are a lot of Private Hospitals near IITD. You may ask the ambulance to take you there instead if things are serious and cannot wait to reach AIIMS. Do not worry about the hospital fee as it is covered by your Medical Insurance.

Q. What to do if I-Card is lost ?

Go to the UG section & a new I-card would be made after a fine of Rs. 500.

Q. Nearby movie theatres

a. PVR Priya
b. PVR Anupam
c. PVR Saket
d. Select City Walk

Q. What is GCL ?

General computing lab. It is open 24 hrs for CS students only.

Q. Where to go for books?

There is a Book Camp to be organised by BSW in a few days where you can get books in subsidized prices. Or you can go to Ber Sarai for books or you can always ask your seniors.

Q. Where to get things like soap shampoo etc from ?

Shops in neelkanth (near girls' hostel), Shops in Kailash and Himadri Gupta store (near boys' hostel)

Q. What is ODC ?

It is the internal LAN facility in most of the hostels for easy sharing of data without the loss of your proxy.

Q. How to get a medical booklet and what is the use of it?

Go to the UG section with a photo except the lunch time and ask for the booklet... it is used as a record for your medical conditions and without that medical certificate won't be given.

Q. What is a medical certificate, what is the use and how to get it?

It is a proof signed by the doctor of the medical reason of your leave. If you have a medical certificate, then you can be allowed to give reminors and remajors only. To get it, go to the iitd hospital that day only and get it checked by the doctor.

Q. Are we allowed to go anywhere in the IIT campus?

Yes, you are allowed to go anywhere with your ID card. Except anywhere risky, or if restricted then not allowed.

Q. In case of stress issues, where should we go to treat with them?

Well, first of all you should go to your appointed mentors and discuss with them your problems. If still not solved then you can go to the Student Counseling Service(SCS) office and contact Dr. Rupa Murgai. Also attend the SCS workshops to be organised for further help.

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