Life in Hostel


It is said that home is sweet. But even then, life at home cannot be compared to your life at hostel.

There is a vast difference between living in a secured and protected environment, with your family for almost 18 years and in a free and independent environment, with no familiar faces. It is a sudden jump, and initially, you may feel homesick sometimes and dislike the surroundings, but eventually, as you make new friends and adapt to the atmosphere, you will live some of the best days of your lives there, considering you don’t misuse the ample amount of freedom you have and indulge in rough activities.

With so many activities, events, competitions and festival celebrations going on in the hostel throughout the year, the atmosphere becomes vibrant and full of life. Not only do you develop a number of connections, but also become smart, active, disciplined and self-dependent. This is the phase of life when you transform from a kid to a man. So choose your path carefully, be in the right company of people and enjoy the pleasant journey you are going to be a part of.


Every hostel at IITD has a number of positions of responsibility for the students residing in that hostel.

For instance, all the cultural activities taking place in the hostel are supervised by the Cultural Secretary, who is a third year student, and assisting him in his work are hostel representatives of each BRCA club, like music, dance, drama, photography, debating etc., who are second year students, likewise all sports events are managed by the Sports Secretary.

Other than this, there’s a Mess Secretary (third-year student), who handles the issues related to the mess and food and a Maintenance Secretary, again a thirdie, who is responsible for the proper working of the common areas and the hostel maintenance.

All these secretaries are supervised and managed by the House Secretary (fourth-year student). To oversee hostel funds and other hostel related matters, each hostel has a Warden and a House Master, who are professors in the institute. More details will be given once you reach here.


There are a number of activities and events held in the hostels throughout the year, both inter and intra. Events related to each and every extra-curricular activity are held regularly and students of all years are encouraged to participate in them.

So if you have a talent, it won’t get unnoticed. Other than this, every hostel celebrates its annual House Day, to give the passing out batch a memorable farewell, in which the entire hostel is decorated and a number of activities take place.

Moreover, it is the only day of the year when girls are allowed in boys’ hostel and vice-versa. So House Day is one day which you don’t want to miss.


There are 11 boys’ hostels and 2 girls’ hostels in the campus. Each hostel has students from all years. A basic overview of all hostels is given below.

  • Aravali- Aravali , one of the finest and the oldest hostels of IITD, has always lived upto its expectations of being one of the warmest house. It is not only the food and the infrastructure that makes Aravali great, but the people of Aravali that make it special. From a 24*7 packed common room, to the open doors of ever-willing-to-help seniors, to the loud cheers and excitement during an IPL or a football match in the TV room, Aravali would be the place where your heart will be during your entire stay at IIT. Aravali is the home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. The lights will guide you home but the warmth will keep you here at Aravali.

  • Girnar- With your luggage on your shoulders, expectations in your mind and dreams in your eyes, you enter this place called Girnar, which is the newest and the biggest hostel in the institute. Being a part of Girnar, you will find yourself in one of the most interactive place of IITD, whether it is the brotherhood with your wing mates or the seniors who are there to guide you every time. The night-outs together, inter wing culture and the enthusiasm during the events has their own enigma. Every pass-out takes with him the memories of this glory and legacy. Every fresher will feel the aura!

  • Himadri- Established in 2001, Himadri is the second girls hostel in IITD. Himadri boasts of its newly opened food outlet BBC- Best Brains Cafe, air conditioned common room, library, dance room, music room, badminton court and indoor games like table tennis and foosball. Himadri possesses a beautiful culture in which students of all years stay and participate together in various activities. People at Himadri believe in staying connected with their alumni pursuing their career in different fields. It is indeed a mesmerizing experience staying at Himadri.

  • Jwalamukhi- Jwalamukhi Hostel has always been a place where students come in and get an opportunity to explore and implement all facets of the IIT life. Be it someone like Ashish Nanda pioneering the best management institution or be it Flipkart's Sachin Bansal making the whole IIT proud. Experiences in Jwala can perhaps never be relieved again. Come here to find out Jwala Dragons doing their best in every sphere of life.

  • Kailash- With its foundation stone laid in 1996, the Kailash hostel stands as one of the oldest hostel so far. The first girl's hostel. With the motto "Burn to Emerge" is a perfect reflection of its ideology of discipline and perseverance, that is included in its residents every year. Well-known for the all-rounder performance of its inmates from sports, academics and extra-curricular at the institute level. Common rooms, reading rooms, library, spacious lawns and a mess serving nutritious meal at all times are some of its supreme facilities.

  • Karakoram- Karakoram is known for being one of the most well maintained hostels and the common room is a visitor's delight with bean bags, darts, air hockey, foosball and what not. Karakoram has a rich culture in sports and its cricket and hockey teams are famous throughout the campus. Rich legacy of more than 50 years, and the spirited residents make this a fun place in its own sense.

  • Kumaon- Excelling in both culture and sports, Kumaon provides the perfect environment for its residents to improve and excel in any field. It may not be the best in appearance but is certainly the best in quality. With seniors always there to help out, one can be sure of a learning and comfortable stay at Kumaon hostel.

  • Nilgiri-The name 'Nilgiri' itself invokes an unparalleled sense of nostalgia among its residents. By virtue of being one of the oldest hostels, it has a very rich history of success. The open structure of the house reflects the free spirit of its residents. Great mess food, compatible infrastructure makes it one of the best hostels of IIT.

  • Satpura- Satpura has always served his duties to be a delightful and aesthetically pleasing home for the students. It's delicious food, palatable menu and friendly workers serves a pleasurable gesture. Its Interior structure and common rooms makes one wonder about its level of sophistication. Living in Satpura is always Intriguing.

  • Shivalik- Shivalik people are born to win. One of the richest hostels when it comes to valuing Culture, Hostel Etiquettes, Management, Sports and the overall development of its residents. Since its very inception in 1961, Shivalik House had developed leaps and bounds in almost every sphere of Hostel Culture to build a really strong and ethical stature in the institute. The highly efficient house working team adds to it. A Shivalik resident will always learn, deliver and excel in life because of the morals he learns living at Shiva. No one is more proud than a Shivalik resident.

  • Udaigiri- Inaugurated in 2012, Udaigiri is the youngest hostel of IIT Delhi. Enabled with elevators, gym and known for its delicious Monday mess dinners, it's one of the largest hostels in the campus. In a short span of 5 remarkable years, we developed a strong culture in recreational activities like dance, art, debating, photography and many more. With all its facilities and friendly staff, Udaigiri will make you feel at home.

  • Vindhyachal- One of the oldest hostels in IIT Delhi, Vindhyachal is characterized by wonderful architecture, airy rooms and impeccable maintenance. Add to that the appetizing mess food and you start to understand why living here is such a joy. Vindhyachal is also one of the smallest hostels which will mean that you know all your batch mates personally and have a much better interaction with your seniors. All in all, you will make friends and memories which will be with you for life.

  • Zanskar- Zanskar house has always welcomed its freshers with open hands and has served them well. With its unique infrastructure and comfortable location, Zanskar House is one of the well suited hostels. With delicious food, plethora of options on the menu and hardworking mess staff, students can’t ask for more. A dedicated dance and music room and air conditioned reading and TV rooms never give the students a single chance to feel the lack of options. Being the only hostel to own an OAT of itself, Zanskar House has got all the facilities a new comer could think of. It’s not just a hostel, it’s a home!