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  • Academics


    Before reading the Qs below, we urge you to go through curriculum info for a detailed insight about academic structure at IIT Delhi.

  • What will be the strength of single class?

    In first year 900(approx.) students will be divided into two batches which will further be divided into 20-20 groups. Each group contains 22-25 students. Strength of a single class depends on the course which you would be studying. There might be 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 groups present in a class. Now if you have doubts regarding how your classes are going to take place then wait for it. You will get to know each and everything when you will receive your class schedule.

  • Is there any attendance policy here?

    The attendance policy is different for different courses depending on Professors. You will be told about the attendance policy in the starting lecture itself. In general, the students need to have a minimum attendance of 75%. If a student has an attendance of less than 75%, then he/she may get a grade down in the course depending on the Professor.

  • How and where to get books?

    There is a book camp held at the beginning of every semester by BSW which provides books at cheap prices. Apart from that notes and lab manuals which the professors suggest are available at the Student Co-operative Society (SCOOPS) inside the campus itself. Also, there is a place called Ber Sarai very close to the Hostel Gate of IIT, where you can buy both new as well as second hand books on a returnable basis at a very low cost. Otherwise, most of the suggested books are available as PDFs on the internet.

  • Can I get my department changed? If yes, then how?

    Yes, you can get the department changed, rules of which can be read - here While the rules are clear, we assure you it is going to be very tough for department change, even tougher than getting CS at IIT Delhi. Do not come to IIT Delhi with the aim of getting only depC, but with an aim to get highest CG and enjoy the courses, and you would be a lot more happier.

  • Do Hindi medium students face problems?

    To be honest, yes, they do to some extent. Almost every professor in all IIT teaches in English, so you would face some troubles if you do not have a basic understanding of the language.That said there are avenues for you to overcome this difficulty. There is a language course too in the first year itself in IIT Delhi where the teachers help you in speaking and understanding English, along with other help sessions. Also, there are other measures being taken to help students but nothing works like helping yourself out.

  • Do the professors upload their lectures? And do we need to bring any JEE books?

    We have nptel.ac.in and ETSC in IIT Delhi where you can find some of the videos, although not all. But that doesn't mean that you stop listening in their class because sometimes they upload only the summary of what they actually teach. So many students who do not listen in the lecture face problems later. Also, you don't essentially need to bring any of your JEE coaching books here, because the teachers suggest their own books which actually are much more beneficial from the exams point of view, as compared to your JEE books.

  • Do professors take the time to talk to students one-on-one?

    In the first year Lectures generally take place in large lecture rooms with almost 200 students. So it is difficult for the professors to take time to talk to students one-on-one. Moreover duration of any lecture is generally 1-2 hours so it is quite difficult to clear everyone’s doubt but you can clear it afterwards by taking appointment with the professors. Moreover we have tutorial classes with the Teaching Assistants where you can clear any doubts of yours any time. So to sum up, we have lectures+tutorial classes of any course. And that allows students to clear their concepts and doubts easily during lectures and tutorial classes

  • How to contact professors and TA’s?

    Professors in the introduction class provide all the details to contact them and also regarding the course. You may contact the professor after the class and ask when he is free and then go and meet him in his office. You may meet a TA after your tutorial and clear all your doubts.In fact we encourage you to meet your TAs and professors as regularly as you can

  • What is the concept of credits?

    Every course you complete has a specific number of credits assigned to it, which depend on the number of hours of the lectures, labs and tutorials for that course.
    Lectures and Tutorials : One lecture or tutorial hour per week over the period of one 14 week semester is assigned one credit.
    Practical/Practice : One laboratory / practice hour per week over the period of one 14 week semester is assigned half credit.
    On obtaining a pass grade, the student accumulates the course credits as earned credits. All programmes are defined by a certain total credit requirement.

  • What is CGPA and SGPA?

    SGPA is the Semester Grade Point Average. Points secured in a semester =Σ (Course credits × Grade point for all courses in which pass grade has been obtained)
    SGPA = Points secured in the semester/Credits registered in the semester(excluding non-graded courses)
    CGPA is the Cumulative Grade Point Average and your CGPA is calculated from your SGPA of the semesters completed till date.

  • How is grading done?

    Grading basically depends on the course coordinator. In most of the cases relative grading is done, i.e. depending on the score of whole class, Professor decides what grade is to be given for what total. Usually a grade point of 7 is given if a student obtains average (mean marks of the whole class) marks. The minimum marks for award of an ‘A’ grade or 10 grade point is 80 % and the minimum marks for award of ‘D’ grade or minimum passing grade is 30 %. However, it may vary according to the Professor.
    Consider an example, In a particular course if professor sets 9 grade point at a score of 65 and 10 at a score of 75 then students who have scored between 65 and 75 get 9 and above 75 get 10.

  • How many exams are there in a semester?

    Generally, there 2 minors and a major. In the first class, your professor would tell you the weightage of each one and also if he/she would be taking any class quizzes or surprise quizzes or even if there are marks for attendance. If there are no quizzes or additional marks, weightage is 25% for each minor and 50% for major, but then, lot of it depends on how course coordinator plans the course. Worry not, everything would be made clear in the first class.

  • What happens to those who are unable to pass the course in one go?

    If you are unable to pass the course in one go, then a re-major exam is conducted at the end of the semester, if you are close to total passing marks. If you fail in that exam too, then you have to repeat the entire course. Also, you may get a semester back or a year back if you fail in all many courses. So don't believe your JEE coaching teachers who say that you have to study only for those 2 crucial years and not, once you get into IIT.

  • How many professors teach a course?

    Generally any course in IIT Delhi has a single course co-ordinator who is responsible for all things related to course like syllabus,attendance policy,minors and majors etc.If their are large number of students taking the course the class is divided into sub batches which are taught by different pr ofessors.Also if the course covers different sections they can be covered by different professors.Since there are large number of students several TA’s are also there for a course who are generally post-grad students.They take up tutorial classes and check your exam papers.

  • What is policy of IIT Delhi regarding plagiarism?

    Plagiarism is considered as a big issue in IIT Delhi. You are not expected to copy anyone’s assignment or take help from someone in your projects. You are also expected to mention the source of data if you have taken it from somewhere and used it in any of your assignment.If the concerned professor finds out any of such act on your part you can land in huge trouble. You may have to face Disciplinary Committee and any disciplinary action can be taken against you.

  • Are the courses easier in IIT than JEE?

    It depends on an individual how he finds the course. But generally they are not like courses in school where you can study just a night before and score very good marks.If you want to score really high you need to study regularly.You don’t need to study rigorously like while preparing for JEE,but if you have a department change on your mind you may want to not shed your JEE groove.

  • Do you need laptop in first year

    It is not mandatory to have a laptop in first year. But for some courses you need to make reports and presentations. It would be convenient if you have your own laptop but you can always use computers in CSE.

  • Hostel Life

  • Is it necessary to take hostel?

    It is totally voluntary to opt for a on-campus hostel. However it is generally recommended to stay on campus to have the ‘IIT experience.’ Day scholars usually miss out the vast amount of other activities that IIT has to offer apart from academics.

  • When would the freshers be allotted hostels ?

    Don't worry. You would be allotted a hostel before coming to IIT Delhi, probably 2-3 days before. On the day of hostel registration, you would have to report to that particular hostel only.

  • What if I report to hostel late or don't come on that day ?

    Try to reach hostel during the time mentioned on the orientation page. And if you are unable to come, get in touch with the caretaker of your allotted hostel and inform him the same. Contact detail of the hostel can be found in BSW Student Diary, which is available on the BSW website.

  • How are the hostels allotted to freshmen? Does my hostel change every year?

    Hostels are allotted randomly by the administration on the basis of your entry numbers.Once you have been allotted a hostel , you generally stay there for your entire life at IIT unless some extreme circumstances arise.

  • Will I be given an accommodation on coming to IIT-Delhi for orientation?

    You will be allotted a room(or might be given choice to chose your own) at your respective hostels that have been allotted to you on the first day you come to IIT-Delhi. However, if your parents plan to stay in Delhi till your orientation ends, then they will have to take care of their own accommodation. They won’t be allowed to stay in the hostels.

  • Can I choose my roommate?

    Yes and no. It depends on how the hostel is allotting hostel rooms. Some do it randomly and some let you choose on first come first serve basis. However, don’t be disappointed. Random roomies tend to become best of the friends in 4 years and refrain from forming a small group of school friends (more applicable if you have many schoolmates joining IIT). Try to get to know as many strangers as you can, as these strangers become close friends after 4 year stay.

  • I have never lived in a hostel before. What should I expect from the IIT hostels?

    A hostel is going to be very different from your home. There will be moments you would love it and some others when you would hate it. IIT Delhi’s hostel rooms are not very spacious and you may have to live in a relatively small room with one or 2 other batchmates of yours. Initially, you might face problems in adjusting with the food, the environment and other students, but soon enough you will start enjoying hostel life, due to its addictive culture and the many new friendships that you develop here. And believe us, there would be a time, when you would love that cramped up spaces, and even stay here in vacations.

  • Is there any ragging at IIT Delhi? What if some senior approaches us?

    IIT Delhi has a zero tolerance policy. In case of an extreme situation, you can also contact the Proctorial Team which are made for the specific purpose of fighting ragging. Strict action against the offenders will be taken.The Proctorial Team is an institute wide team consisting of senior professors.It is to be noted however, that seniors might approach you and interact with you asking you simple questions about your life so as to get to know you better. If at any point during the interaction, you feel uncomfortable, you can tell the senior so and be rest assured that he will leave you alone.

  • What is the size of the room and will it be single or double or triple sharing?

    The size of the room will be comparatively smaller than your expectations but they will meet your needs adequately. Depending on the size of the rooms in different hostels , the room can be single or double or triple sharing. Usually, freshers are allotted either double or triple sharing rooms, which depends on the hostel you are allotted.

  • What facilities are available in the hostel? Is there any difference between hostels?

    The facilities available in hostels are almost entirely the same everywhere. It’s just that the culture associated with each hostel is slightly different.The facilities that are present in each and every hostel are:
    # Mess food, RO filtered water
    # Wired Internet connection
    # Indoor Sports like Table tennis, chess, carom and badminton, Equipments for Outdoor sports
    # TV room, Common Room, Stationery shop, Gym
    # Semi-Automatic and automatic Washing Machines, Geysers, paid Laundry Service
    # Newspapers and Magazines,Library which includes novels and academic books
    # 24 X 7 WiFi in common areas of hostel

  • Is there a provision for Coolers, Air Conditioners and television in the rooms?

    Cooler Camps are set up in the campus for the first two weeks after the classes commence.Coolers are allowed in the rooms but Air Conditioners and Television are not as per the institute norms.However, there is a provision of the same in the common room, TV room, messes etc. of the hostel. There are a few hostels who have a TV in their mess itself as well.

  • What about the mess food? Is the food really tasty and healthy? Do we have a say in the menu?

    Every hostel in IIT Delhi has its own mess and all residents of a hostel are automatically registered in that mess .Saying that mess food is tasty would somewhat be an overstatement when you would be coming here after having eaten home-cooked food for almost 18 years of your life.Mess fees is included in the hostel fees itself and is to be paid every semester. Apart from this, many hostels have a separate, payable night mess system which runs post-dinner until late in the night .
    A weekly menu is decided at a periodic interval for the hostel. The mess menu is decided in mess committee meetings (which are held regularly in every hostel). All hostel residents are welcome to participate in these meetings and the decisions of the committee are implemented with immediate effect in the hostel.Alternatively, you may inform the Mess Secretary of your hostel of any such suggestions.

  • If I require some other diet(in case of any health related problem) in hostel mess then can the hostel mess make that for me?

    Yes, in such a case, you can ask the Butler Sahab of your mess to give it to you. If you feel that the food is bad on any particular day, you may register a complain in the Mess register of your hostel, or directly talk to the Mess Secretary (third year student) or Supervisor, if you don’t think that any action is being taken.

  • How about cleanliness and organisation of the room? How frequently is our room cleaned by the sweepers?

    A clean room will be given to you at the beginning of each semester, the cleanliness thereafter shall be your own responsibility.Having said that, one can request the sweepers to clean their room at a mutually agreed upon cost at whatever frequency you may want.

  • Are there any restrictions on in and out time of hostels?

    During the first month of your stay at IIT, you must be in your rooms by 10 p.m. as the Proctorial team is going to keep a check on ragging and other troublesome activities. After this first month, with respect to the campus, you are free to move in and out whenever you wish to.

  • Are girls allowed in boys hostel? and vice-versa?

    No. IIT Delhi is one of the strictest institutes in India when it comes to this. No girl can enter beyond the visitor's room in a boy's hostel and vice-versa.
    Only on one day(the house day) can a girl have complete access in some boys hostel. For entering the girls' hostels, it’s either the house day(Complete access) or the informals(limited access) held annually.

  • Life in IIT-Delhi

  • How different is College from High School?

    From childhood to adulthood, high school allows you to gain a sense of what it will be like to be an adult.
    On the other hand, IIT Delhi allows you to fully take ownership of your time, responsibilities and who you want to become.
    As long as you’re able to stay on track of the goal at hand, i.e. getting marvelous grades, being involved in some extra curriculars, keeping a smart schedule and studying like crazy, you’ll be just fine. In college, balance is the key. Work a lot, have more fun.Enjoy with your friends. Be in touch with your mentor. Outings,Night outs and what not you will experience in your coming days.
    If it sounds pretty great, that’s because it absolutely is. But the ultimate truth is, you have to be focused on why you came here. Just wasting time on parties and hanging out is not worth it. Its fun only if you balance it.

  • What all services are provided to travel from Hostel area to insti area?

    Well 1 Km won’t be big deal because you will become habitual of walking 4-5 Kms daily. Moreover Auto rickshaw and normal rikshaw are continuously operated in the campus but their frequency is more during the daytime than the nighttime.Institute buses also move during day hours.
    Also many students use personal cycles for transportation which they park in the hostel and cycle stands in institute area. But regarding the purchase of cycles, cycle purchase camps are organised by BSW in the campus only so no need to worry.

  • Can I have my bike or activa inside campus?

    No, you can not have your vehicle inside campus. UG Students are only allowed to use bicycle inside campus. And if you are found with any such vehicle then strict actions would be taken by security staff of IIT Delhi.

  • How far is library from Hostel area?

    It is just 1 Km away from hostel area. Moreover if you are searching for a nice place to study then you can make use of your hostel study room or CSC(Computer Service Center) or the student lounges in LHC.

  • Where can I get a new sim card?

    IIT Delhi has a postpaid CUG facility (Closed User Group which makes calling within IIT Delhi free when you call others on the same network) or you may purchase a prepaid SIM card from the shops within IIT-D or in SDA (opposite IIT Delhi Main Gate).

  • How much handicap friendly is IIT Delhi?

    All the buildings have been made accessible on wheelchairs. Also, BSW provides wheelchairs on nominal fees to the students. You can find the form on bsw website. Apart from that, we have a faculty advisor for physically disabled students. In case of any problem, you can reach him/her or reach out to your BSW reps.

  • Do college campuses have gyms for their students?

    Yes,we have gyms in each hostel of our campus with well maintained accessories. Also we have one common gym in SAC(Student Activity Center) where you can find all the equipments required. You will have seniors there who can train you according to your physique. And we have trainer also who will help you in Gym for maintaining your health and good physique

  • Do most students go home on the weekend?

    This is a general trend till the first semester only and not all students go home on weekends, only 20-25 percent. But after second semester students prefer spending time in hostels during weekends with their friends.Moreover you all will get engaged in different stuff that you won’t get any free time to go home during weekends.

  • What to do on the weekends?

    Every college has student groups and clubs. In the beginning of the semester, everyone is new and looking to make friends, so it isn't awkward to walk in alone. It is easier to make friends when you have a common interest and are doing something together instead of being at a party, or trying to talk to a stranger. Look at the list of clubs on the BSW website and also most clubs have some sort of welcome event. Pick some you might be interested in and go to them. Then you will settle into the ones that fit you and go to their weekend activities. As you make friends there will be more opportunities to hang out, go to movies and so on. Don’t hesitate to pick up a DSLR or a keyboard, there would be lots of people to help you learn it.

  • What is the best way to gain information for the class and events taking place inside campus?

    We have web-mail system where you will receive information regarding every event taking place inside campus. Moreover you can register to IITD Notices from where you can receive information related to different other competitions taking place outside the campus. And for different events and programs, posters are pasted pinned on your hostel notice board. Also, there would be a Freshers group (IITD Freshers 20XX) on Facebook where all the clubs keep you updated for their events.

  • What recreational activities are there in IIT Delhi?

    There are plenty of recreational activities in IIT Delhi. There is also an Student Activity Centre for all recreation activities. In addition to this every hostel has its own culture. You can do dance, music, drama, literature, debating and many more things. IIT Delhi also rich sports culture.

  • Are Sports Facilities good enough in IIT Delhi?

    Sports Facilities are more than good here in IIT Delhi. You can play plenty of sports here in IIT Delhi. You can do Swimming, Cricket, Basketball, Football, Lawn Tennis, Hockey, Badminton, Squash, Chess. Sports Culture is very good in IIT Delhi. Interhostel competitions are arranged for every sport. If you want to pursue any sport you will not face any problems regarding facilities.