What is language mentorship?

Language Mentorship is an initiative of BSW that aims to create a holistic ecosystem where students can learn and practice language. The objective is to help students who are not comfortable with English or Hindi understand and comprehend the language so that they can adapt to the academic system in IITD and interact with their peers respectively. In this initiative language mentors are made from 2nd and 3rd year students who help and teach freshers. A language mentor's work is to help mentees learn the language, help them in solving assignments which they will be given, take individual sessions with the mentees and keep a track record of their performance.

The Workbook

This year we have created a pedagogical tool, the activity workbook in English. You can work on enhancing and elaborating the study material further in both English and Hindi.
Download Workbook

Blackboard Radio

Blackboard Radio (BBR) is a product designed for young students to improve their conversational English skills. It is designed specifically to solve for "silent English" i.e ability to read & write in English - but not being able to speak in English confidently & fluently.

We need at least a few hundred hours of speaking practice to become better at a language. Hence, students practice speaking on the BBR app in a non-judgmental environment & receive constructive feedback from trainers available on the app.

The app is available at: http://bit.ly/blackboardradio

IIT Delhi Students who wish to improve their conversational English skills and participate in the pilot Blackboard Radio program for free may fill the following form:

* BBR is a paid service, but for selected IIT Delhi students, will be provided for free.