Prakhar Gupta
IIM Ahmedabad'23
Interviewed by:
Sahil Agarwal

Q. When did you start your preparation for CAT? How did you manage your time during (placements or job or others according to his answer)?

I graduated in 2k19 and worked in OYO for 1 year. During that time i decided to prep for CAT. In my last year, I had started some rudimentary prep as it is useful in placement exams. I gave the 2019 CAT and opted for the deferred program to work in for 12 months in OYO and then joined IIMA. During the job hours, I dedicated 2-3 hrs daily and at weekends usually full time.

Q. How did you prepare for the CAT exam? Did you join any kind of coaching? Or did self-study work for you?

I had some materials from coaching institutes and mock tests and questions and just kept attempting and practicing those. State boards books have some good formulas and are very useful and can get them from coaching institutes' books.

Q. What was your college CGPA? How much do you think college CGPA matters? And what, according to you, is a good CGPA?

It does matter and different IIMs have different criteria but always have a good CG like 8+ as it does help in the end. Experience can substitute it but if you are a fresher then a good CG becomes a type of necessity.

Q. What, according to you, is a good resume? Please share with us some of the salient features of your resume? What according to you is more important- College achievements or work ex? How much focus is on tech and core domains? Do PORs play a major role?

Everything is important and is useful at some point. It is very useful to have a Diverse experience.

Q. How did you prepare for IIM? Is it tough to crack the interview?

CG and Work ex are the main points that decide whether you will receive a call. After call, you just have to make it convincing. A standard question like why you want to do an MBA etc. and under a pressure interview, the PORs don't matter.

Q. When did you do your MBA- just after college or after getting some work experience? What, according to you, is better out of the two?

I myself have 12 months of work ex and sometimes I think it would have been better to work for a year more. Because of the things that are taught and talked about, you can only relate to it by having some experience and it is not meant to do MBA as a fresher. If you have a choice then always do some work ex and get some idea about the industry. And you will start appreciating the differences.

Q. What are the career options after MBA?

You can go to any sector management. Consulting, Tech, Investment banking, finance, There is no limit. every type of company comes here.

Q. Does an MBA help in entrepreneurship?

Definitely. Having the knowledge of how a business works and how to handle diff people with diff cultures and backgrounds and understand why successful businesses are successful and failures are a failure. It helps you in developing a buisness acumen.

Q. What exactly are deferred MBA programs? Pros and cons?

IIMA gives an option of differment while others don't because they themselves encourage you to have some experience. Because in placements and internships, Companies always see the work ex and set the min. 2yr work ex etc. and these are the ones who give a good pay.