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Our Objective

BSW (Board for Student Welfare) is a constituent body of the Student Affairs Council (SAC).
BSW's primary objective is identifying the issues faced by the student community related to academics, social life, mental health and career, and address them through welfare activities and mentorship programs.

How does the board function?

The Board is majorly divided into 2 units based on their domain of responsibilities -
Operations and Mentorship.


The operations committee executes welfare activities and provides assistance (financial and in kind) to the students in need. It also looks over SCOOPS, SCS and STIC which is an integral part of BSW. Our activities include smooth induction of the orientation process, setting up of various camps such as cycle camp, book camp, etc., conducting informative sessions and collaborative events, organising Convergenz (annual youth festival) and carrying out various initiatives for student welfare throughout the year.

Operations Programmes


The Mentorship Committee of BSW executes & monitors all mentorship initiatives & activities for IIT Delhi students. These include freshers' orientation, mentorship of freshmen students, student-alumni mentorship, academic mentorship, language mentorship, counselling services, etc. On the commencement of one's IITD life, every individual is provided a mentor who is a trained & experienced senior student. The mentor is responsible for making the student capable of taking informed decisions in academic, extra-curricular & personal fronts by sharing unbiased knowledge & experiences. Mentors are also expected to contribute their efforts in other mentorship initiatives.

Mentorship Programmes

BSW Newsletter

The BSW Newsletter is every fresher's first peek into the college life. It contains relevant information about life at college. The newsletter also gives details about the initiatives of BSW designed to help the student community.
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