What is Academic Mentorship?

The motive of the academic mentorship program is to help undergraduate first year students in their academics via hostel sessions conducted by academically strong second year students.

Why choose this programme?

Because of the transition from school to college there are many students who face a lot of difficulty in understanding the class lectures and even sometimes they miss their classes due to medical reasons. So by this they can clear their doubts of any course. And also since the second year students have gone through the same phase they are much more able to help the first year students.

How does this program work?

Selection of
Academic Mentors

A form is floated to know the interest of the course a student wants to teach and their grades in those courses to check the credibility. After that the selected students (based on form and interviews) were assigned a course and a hostel group to teach the students. They must teach once every week for 2-2.5 hrs.

Extra Doubt Solving
and Revision Sessions

Extra doubt solving and revision sessions were conducted at the institute level before minors and majors especially for the subjects in which students face maximum problems. We have received a lot of positive reviews from the previous sessions for being very helpful for students.

What’s in it for Academic Mentors?

On completion of the required hours (40-50), the academic mentors are rewarded NEN203 credits. (reports being submitted to and approved by both supervisor and activity in charge).

Attendance of Academic Mentors

To ensure the smooth functioning of the programme, attendance of each mentor is marked in a 2 way process, via register and google drive submissions. In each hostel we have provided white boards and markers in visitors/common rooms to enhance the teaching by the mentors.