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Sleep is something many of us find hard. In fact, around a third of adults in western countries struggle with sleep at least once a week. Learning about the science of sleep can give us some ideas to try and make sleep come a little easier.

There are lots of different theories when it comes to the ‘why’ of sleep. A combination of these theories is the most likely explanation.

It’s Time to Change Your Relationship to Fear
In his new book, 'The Wedge,' bestselling author Scott Carney travels the world to investigate the surprisingly effective methods humans have developed to rewire our brains and control our response to stress. And it all starts with taming fear.
Self-care and self-love are probably terms that we’ve heard before. But we might not know what they mean in practice. It can also be tricky to untangle self-care from self-love and to work out where one ends and the other begins.
How to be happy with mental health problems
Friday, 04 March 2022
Alice suffers with severe anxiety, PTSD and an anxiety disorder yet still enjoys life. Here she explains how.
‘I have bipolar disorder and became one of the top students in the UK’
Wednesday, 23 February 2022
At first Emily was embarrassed about her diagnosis. Here she blogs about how she had learnt to embrace it.
I was sitting my A-Levels when two of my friends suddenly passed away. Soon after, my world went numb. Everything seemed so bleak. These feelings continued for four months and led to me failing to get the grades for my top university choice. I decided to re-sit the year – I was not ready for uni and my mind was still reeling from the events of the year before.
Conservation helped my recovery
Tuesday, 25 January 2022
Glenn blogs about how volunteering on a nature project with Mind in Furness has given him a new confidence after bad episode of depression – and now he’s helping others.
How PTSD support helped me change my life
Thursday, 18 November 2021
Alun, from Pontypridd, blogs about how he was impacted with PTSD and how he got help.
My story begins in 2017, whilst working as a Security Officer in Cardiff’s biggest shopping centre. I could be called to help with anything from a minor cut, to faints or in some cases a cardiac arrest. I’ll never forget my first cardiac arrest, a 93-year-old lady who had collapsed on the high street. We carried out CPR before paramedics arrived and took the lady to hospital for further treatment. Sadly, she passed away. I didn’t know how I felt after that incident, I was left with so many questions and wondering if there was any more I could have done. But the day went on and it was back to work as usual. I thought that was the worst I would have attended. But I was wrong.
Navigating Depression and Psychosis: The Experience We Rarely Talk About
FEB. 28, 2022
Andrea Rosenhaft
My first episode of psychosis arose from a brutal depression. A verse began playing in my head — from a voice that was male, angry and loud. I would later learn that this was The Voice of my psychosis, returning each time my symptoms did...
6 Mental Health 'Permission Slips' for Anyone Struggling Right Now
November 28, 2020
Megan Griffith
Mental health permission slips are a brilliant form of validation that I’ve recently discovered through Instagram. Basically, mental health permission slips are designed to give you permission to feel or think or do something that your brain is otherwise telling you is “wrong.” It helps if these permission slips come from an authority, like a therapist or someone going through the same thing you are. I’m not a therapist, but I do experience depression and anxiety, I’m healing from childhood trauma, and I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP). So I thought I would make a few mental health permission slips related to those topics.
The Value of Taking Baby Steps Toward Mental Wellness
March 3, 2022
Nathan Smith
One of the most exciting things I’ve experienced was watching my niece learn to walk. It didn’t happen overnight; there was a long time of her getting comfortable at different stages of scooting, standing and moving, but one day it all came together, and she hasn’t stopped moving since. I thought about her today because it made me realize just how important those little steps are – a fitting metaphor for dealing with mental health challenges.
Improving My Relationship with Failure and Mental Health
August 19, 2021
Nathan Smith
I thought a bit about how I’d title this post because I knew that regardless of what I wrote, I’d feel some type of way about this particular topic. Like many other people, I don’t have a great relationship with the world ‘failure.’ At worst, the word terrifies me. At best, I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m not perfect. I think we could all stand to improve our relationship with how we deal with failure, and I feel like incorporating that improvement within a mental health framework is a good place to start. I’m not always going to succeed at being mentally healthy. I have to be okay at accepting that, and here’s why.