Career Counselling

Why the need for this initiative?
Students after coming to IIT generally don't have the sense of future opportunities they can explore until they reach the junior year. Some students who even manage to find their interests and the the domain of work they want to pursue, end up being confused and relentlessly asking their seniors for help which is seldom of any use.

Our vision to solve this :
With this initiative, we are working on building a repository of all the possible domains and opportunities every student in IIT can pursue in their life. We are preparing this platform by partnering with the alumni and students who have excelled and posses sufficient knowledge about their fields. Since all the information and resources will be available on a centralised platform, it will ensure that only quality and responsible information reaches the student community.


Before the markets spring to life at 9:30 a.m. ET, most day traders are busy catching up with coffee and breakfast in hand on any events that happened overnight that could affect that day's trading session. This involves reading stories from various newspapers and financial websites, as well as listening to updates from financial news networks, such as CNBC and Bloomberg.

The futures markets, as well as the broad market indexes, are noted as traders form opinions about the direction they expect the market to trend. Traders will also review economic calendars to find out which market-moving financial reports– such as the weekly petroleum status report – are due that day. It should be noted that many traders participate in round-the-clock markets, such as futures and forex, and these traders can expect increased volume before the rest of the markets open at 9:30 a.m.

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What they don't tell you about entrepreneurship | Mark Leruste | TEDxCardiff
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Internships & Placements

Confused about where to start the job/intern prep from? Worry not, BSW brings you the compiled information to kickstart your preparation.
We would like to thank Hemang Shekhar and Rahul Nimbal for their wonderful compilations.
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Resources for the aspiring coders!

Resources for Consult preparation (for Internship & Placement interviews)
Note: Resources for other profiles like Consulting, Finance, IAS, Freelancing, Research, Programming, MBA and more will be uploaded here soon.