Convergenz is the annual youth fest organized by the BSW. It involves various competitions and events where the student community of IIT Delhi participates and get to explore the recreational aspect of the college. Various events which are generally popular among the youth were organized for the students to enjoy and have fun by getting along with each other. This is also the first exposure to any big event inside the college for the freshers and several fresher-oriented games and competitions are also organized.

Convergenz 2019

BSW Delhi Darshan


Convergenz 2019 was inaugurated on 13 September 2019 by the esteemed chief guest Sanjeeva Singh, Olympic Archer, Arjuna Awardee and Dronacharya Awardee.
Convergenz Inauguration

Band Night ft. Zikrr

Zikrr which means ‘to mention’, promises to stir up emotions hidden deep within, turning them into a beautiful memory.They live songs and not merely play them, focusing on every note as every word has story to tell. On the first of three pro nights of the fest we had Zikrr, the sufi rock band that came to IIT Delhi and showed all the time of their lives. We all grooved and danced and had an evening that we will never forget.
BSW Comedy Night
BSW Comedy Night

Comedy Night ft. Nishant Tanwar

It Just takes a few drops of humor to add life in a bland and tiresome day.Thus for the second pro night of the fest ,we had one of the best stand up comedians in Country - Nishant Tanwar! The Dogra hall was packed and had a memorable witty evening.
BSW Jeopardy


The one of its kind, Jeopardy is the IITD version of Student of the Year. It involves challenging and gruelling tasks to determine the best of bests!
BSW Jeopardy
BSW Guftagoo


As the word means , guftagoo is an informal talk session with alumni of all sectors, who share their experiences and wisdom to inspire and guide the future aspirants. It is an informal session where students asked various questions related to their preparations and future prospects.
IPL Auction

IPL Auction

It is a simulation of the much-hyped IPL auction. Where teams experienced the thrill of owning and managing their own team. The event had two rounds first round was an online quiz about cricket. The second round was the real IPL. Auction simulation, which was managed digitally. The auction was hosted by one of our representatives.
IPL Auction
BSW Enigma


The art of a magician is to create wonder. If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy. Thus to memorize IITD with his magic ,we had acclaimed magician and illusionist Divyansh Apurva. As expected, everyone was enthralled by his illusions and some of his brilliant tricks.
Prom ight

Prom Night

This evening was dedicated to the students who wanted to know each other better and spend some quality time together. Music as well as some short, quirky games ensured the crowd was always involved. The event was followed by some rocking music wherein everyone was invited. This marked the end of a very successful Speranza Convergenz-2019.
Prom Night