BSW organizes various student-centric events, both formal and informal, that keep the students engaged round the year. Formal informative events like Forex ke Fundae, DepC ke fundae ensure that every student is well informed and prepared for them. Delhi Darshan, Annual youth festival, STIC Dinner are some of the events organised by the board where students engage in fun and friendships. We also organise several camps like the book camp, cycle camp etc. inside the campus to save the hassle and give accessibility to the student community.

Female JEE Counselling

A female counselling session to increase awareness among female IIT aspirants who had cleared JEE Advanced.
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STIC Dinner

Student Teacher Interaction Dinner to encourage friendly interaction between professors and students and bridging the communication gap between them.
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Delhi Darshan

A tour across Delhi for the freshers, relishing the beauty of the city with indelible bus-rides. Exciting conversations and long lasting memories.
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Informative Sessions

Seniors from all branches share their experiences navigating through the vast pool of opportunities. An attempt to bridge the senior-junior gap, while encouraging student participation and learning.
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Multiple camps are organized year round to give access to affordable essentials for the students inside the campus. After the summer vacations, a mattress and cycle camp is organised for all the students boarding the campus and the newly arrived freshers. Camps for books, blankets etc. are also organised according to need.

REX Karamveer Chakra

"The Campus Connect-REX Karmaveer Global Young Leaders Fellowship & Karmaveer Chakra Awards 2019" are instituted by iCONGO in Partnership with the United Nations.It is an opportunity for IIT Delhi Students to get recognized for their work that impacts the society.