Female JEE Counselling

BSW organizes a female counselling session in collaboration with IGES (Initiative for Gender Equity and Sensitization) every year to increase awareness about the engineering opportunities among female IIT aspirants who have cleared JEE Advanced. Also, to help students wisely fill their preferences and solve any doubts the students or their parents might have.

A Few Glimpses of the Event

We have a diverse team consisting of faculty and senior students representing each branch offered at IIT Delhi. The responsibility of the team is towards the girls who register annually for the counselling sessions. The team perseveres to make the process of filling branch preferences less strenuous for students. They do so by making interactive presentations about each engineering department and shedding some light on the career opportunities one can pursue.

One of the unique features of the counselling session, 2019, was the event being conducted in two slots dispersing a personalized guidance to over ~130 aspirants. Professors namely, Narayan Kurur, Shalini Gupta, Ravinder Kaur, Sumeet Agarwal, Sangeeta Kohli among others, were instrumental in making this possible.