Academic Platforms


Webmail is a mailing platform developed by the CSC IIT Delhi. Here you will get all the official mails from professors, deans etc and can contact them with this.


Eacademics helps with all the Course Registration , Course Audit/Withdrawal , Feedback form for courses, checking final semester CGPA/SGPA etc.


The platform helps most in academics since professors will upload their lecture slides here so that you can access them again. Here you will also be giving/submitting many exams/assignments and get your marks in most of the cases.

Courses of Study

Courses of study is what you need, to know anything, it contains all information about Grades, Requirements for Department Change, Courses to do in coming years, Courses required for a Minor degree, Credits required to get degree etc. So don't miss this important document.


Accessible through the moodle impartus will be your virtual classroom for this period of online teaching for most of the courses. Also all the recorded lectures will be available here so that you can attend classes in asynchronous mode also.

MS Teams

Some classes may be held here depending on the course coordinator so be ready with this platform installed in the laptop.



YourDOST provides an online counseling and emotional support platform designed to foster mental wellness.

Student Counseling Service (SCS)

SCS is the in-house counseling service at IITD. Students can set up an online-appointment with the counsellors by mailing on For students who feel the need to be in touch with someone immediately, here are the contact numbers of our counsellors, you can call them to discuss any of your concerns freely.

Shachi : +91 9811290000

Aakriti : +91 9871511186

Krithika : +91 98713 84771

Time Table

To check out your day-to-day timetable, Semester Schedule or Exam Schedule please visit


BSW strives hard towards making your life easier. You'll find all the important information that you might need in these coming few months of your journey at IITD, under the Resources tab on our official website, , covering:

  1. Previous year Question papers
  2. BSW Diary and booklet
  3. Forms
  4. Softwares and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Ans.- Different courses will have different methods for evaluation depending on the course coordinator. You will get to know about the evaluation policy in the first class of each course.

Ans.- Again it depends on the course coordinator,if she wishes to she will surely take proctored examinations. But even if they don’t, many of them do use plagiarism softwares for evaluation, So BEWARE!!

Ans.- No.You will be provided with take-home assignments or there will be live demonstrations with a viva-voce in the end. If nothing of the above mentioned takes place then they would be conducted once you return to the campus.

Ans.-Submission Deadlines are extremely important,taking them lightly will cost you a huge penalty or even a straight zero in some cases. Don’t worry additional time around 20-30mins are provided for the submission process but it is highly advisable YOU USE THAT BUFFER TIME FOR SUBMISSION PROCESS ONLY.

Ans.-For a First Year student,the maximum no. of courses he/she can audit is only 1 in each online semester. For other than UG First Year students the limit is 1 core course + 2 elective courses.

Ans.- Yes, we at BSW provide you with a vast question bank from the previous 5-6 yrs for all the courses which is available in resources at our official webpage

Ans.-Yes,every course coordinator selects a class representative for a course who takes in account all of your concerns and reports it to the professor in-charge. You may also mail your concern directly to the professor via webmail.

Ans.- It’s pretty normal as almost every fresher struggles to adapt in his/her first few weeks,so the best person to approach is your mentor. BSW assigns every fresher a mentor who would help and guide you throughout your first year be it your acads, any other stress, social life,etc. If there are any academic related queries you could also approach academic mentors who are again assigned by the BSW for each course.

Ans.-Yes, we at BSW will make sure we conduct various fun activities and stress relieving sessions regularly throughout the online semester which will surely get you engaged in activities apart from studies and help to relieve your stress.

Ans.-Yes,if any of the above mentioned problems occur in the online semester students are most welcome to come back to the campus and use facilities available in the campus as rooms will also be provided in their respective hostels.

Ans.- We know these are unusual times and you all have to cope with a lot of uncertainty and stress in your lives. Hope all of you are doing fine but if there’s anything troubling you, we request you get in touch with someone. You are free to approach Student Counselling Service(SCS) or YourDost (free service for IITD students) where people are pleased and are keen to help you figuring out solution to relieve your stress.Even if you feel that any of your friends are undergoing depression,do approach them as your name will not come forward and you would remain anonymous.