• Language Mentorship is an initiative of BSW that aims to create a holistic ecosystem where students can learn and practice language.
  • The objective is to help students who are not comfortable with English or Hindi understand and comprehend the language.
  • This helps the students to adapt to the academic system in IITD and interact with their peers comfortably. This also helps them with assignments and lecture notes and following the classes. Confidence to speak to the teaching assistants and professors is also gained by them.

Necessity Of Learning English

(Even On A Global Level)

  • English is a globally accepted language. Its use has become so common that having a good command over the language is essential.
  • When you go out for meetings, attend seminars or talk shows,you need to know english. Even when you go out to travel,you need to read maps, ask the people for directions and what not. It might look like english isn’t important at the moment or in the immediate future.
  • Students don’t realise the importance on time and end up being a victim of what is known as language barriers.

Motivation For Taking Up English Lessons

(Specifically Interns And Placements)

  • Interviews and placements have a major part of english speaking.
  • When you go for interviews, they cannot judge you completely in such a short period of time but the way you communicate makes a huge difference and makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • The way you write your emails trying for an internship or the way you put forward your achievements, every single thing counts and your language again, lies at the core of all this.

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The WorkBook is a complete A To Z module which is going to help any Beginner to be College Ready and it is developed in such a way that people with no prior knowledge about English can work on their own without anyone’s guidance.

The Workbook

This year we have created a pedagogical tool, the activity workbook in English. You can work on enhancing and elaborating the study material further in both English and Hindi.
Download Workbook

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