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Your journey through college must be riddled with so many questions right? Questions about academics, career, relationships and even yourself. If only it were possible to get a friend who could give you anonymous, unbiased, round the clock 24x7 help. Well, look no further, because we've got just the thing for you.
IIT Delhi is pleased to join hands with YourDOST, one of India's leading online and emotional wellness platforms, to ensure that your emotional well-being is always looked after.
Important!- ​You must sign up using your official IIT Delhi email id (ending with "i​itd.ac.in"​ ). This will white list your account and make sure that you receive our services for free.
Please write to ​campus@yourdost.com​ if you face any issues.

1. Visit yourdost.com

2. Sign up in a jiffy and be on your way to seeking professional guidance in no time.

3. After verifying your email address, click "​Chat Now​" to start chatting with a YourDOST Expert.

4. That's all! You can now start chatting with a YourDOST Expert anytime you want.

5. Alternatively, click "​Book An Appointment​" to book an audio/video appointment with a YourDOST Expert.

Take a quick assessment to determine your emotional wellness by answering a few questions.

Student Counselling Service

We know these are unusual times and you all have to cope with a lot of uncertainty and stress in your lives. Hope all of you are doing fine but if there’s anything troubling you, we request you get in touch with someone.
The Student Counselling Service is still active and can be availed by anyone who feels the need to do so. One can go to the room next to the UG Section, First floor, Main Building.

You can take an appointment with the counsellor by mailing on Counselling@admin.iitd.ac.in

Past Events

Whats Up Zindagi?
We The Young

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We The Young organised Delhi's biggest youth mental health event on 9th November 2019 at IIT Delhi. The event saw hundreds of youngsters coming together from across the city to talk about things that matter to them!

Simar Singh, Unerase Poetry

BSW curated a spoken word boot camp at IIT Delhi to provide training to budding spoken word artists. The boot camp was mentored by one of the most famous poets in India, Simar Singh, founder, UnErase Poetry. The Bootcamp aimed at training the participants in Ideation, Writing a piece, Performance and the Business of spoken word. The Bootcamp concluded with all the participants sharing the stage with Simar and performing their pieces.

Dance & Movement Theory
Eshna Kutty

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, Rangon Sa Ye Jahan.. We know life can get daunting and we might often forget to take care of ourselves in the way. A Dance & Movement Therapy session was conducted by one of the leading professionals in this field, Eshna Kutty. The session focused on Helping people unwind and de-stress, Evoking new introspections, Enhanced sense of self-awareness, Enhanced sense of self-acceptance and self-love and Releasing bodily tensions.

Letter to Emotions
Juhi Sharma

Letter To Emotions was a flagship workshop conducted by Juhi Sharma, Founder, Light Up Emotions Matter Foundation. The day was all about self-love and embracing all the love one has within.
The workshop was intended to help in : Understand one's emotions, unwinding and reconnecting with the inner self, feeling more at peace with your thoughts, having a more positive perspective on life and experiencing catharsis.

Shweta Kothari
The Logical Indian

The session was an attempt to understand the intricacies of journalism and storytelling. Additionally, insights into how the media field works were also given. Attention was given on identifying fake news as viewers. The session will concluded with a Q & A where students interacted with Ms Shweta Kothari.

IITD Talk on Gender