STIC Dinner

The STIC Dinner or “Student-Teacher Interaction Dinner” is an event conducted annually for the first-year students. With music and dinner to accompany them, the students get a great opportunity to freely converse with their professors and get more familiar with them. This endeavor is to bridge the student-teacher gap and to encourage friendly bonding between the two.

Few Glimpses of the event

About the event

STIC dinner was conceptualized with the belief that for an efficient learning experience, both parties, students and teachers must freely express their feedback of one another. In lecture halls, due to a large number of students in one class never really allows free interaction to take place. However, this is made possible at the STIC dinner!
The STIC dinner is a two-day event. The first day is graced by students belonging to groups 1-20 and their respective professors. The second day is for students belonging to groups 21-40 and their professors. To ensure the event activities are conducted smoothly, we have put in place a per-student pass system.

BSW Delhi Darshan

Activities throughout the event

The event begins by a performance by the music club, where all get to see an amazing collaboration between vocalists and instrumentalists. Followed by this, all see students and teachers showing off their skills such as singing, dancing, etc. The BSW host presents a set of fun questions to teachers encouraging them to share their fun college memories. Several other activities throughout the event make it an entertaining and memorable night!
BSW Delhi Darshan

Interaction between professors and the students

BSW sees the purpose of STIC dinner being solved when teachers openly share their life experiences with students, while also taking an active interest in the student’s life and vice-versa. Along with enhancing the student-teacher relationship, the larger purpose of effective learning from one another is encouraged through these interactions!
BSW Delhi Darshan
BSW Delhi Darshan

Conversations over food

BSW also provide dinner for both professors and students. Informal conversations over food make students more comfortable while talking to the professor in the lecture hall.